Popular Greenhouses that last longer while looking cool
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Popular Greenhouses that last longer while looking cool

Home Garden Popular Greenhouses that last longer while looking cool

Popular Greenhouses that last longer while looking cool

I always found researching and making purchase decisions on buying a Greenhouse daunting, so I thought I put together an article to look at which Greenhouses, Garden tools, and planting accessories have been popular with our readers over the last few months. The following is a compilation of the most purchased gear on Amazon – by our community. Purchasing a green house is an investment into your garden for years to come. So its important that you research and weigh the differences of each style, materials and size to fit your garden, and gardening style. Our article will help you with exactly that, to help you purchase the right green house for you.

Here is a nice little gallery of some classic green houses for you to dream with!



Popular Greenhouse Brands of the 21st century

First here is a partial list of some popular Greenhouse manufacturers. They all have their strengths and different advantages for different gardening styles and size of gardens.

  • Palram  Palram (Read Our Review)
  • OGrow
  • Quictent
  • ShelterLogicv
  • Gardman
  • Strong Camel
  • Flower House
  • Outsunny
  • King Canopy
  • Spring Gardener
  • Zenport
  • EarthCare Greenhouses

To narrow down the difference in brand styles and makes here is a short list you want to think about. Just remember, GLASS is a classic but heavy and breaks easily. If you want your green house to last a long time than new materials such as Poly-carbonate is all the rage and it’s no wonder they use it for Jet-Fighter cabins!

  • Write a wish-list around your current and future gardening habit. Size of your plot and micro climate. Do you have high winds whipping through your garden like me? I have a west to east exposed garden patch that gets consistent 40-60km windstorms through the spring and summer months! Right now I’m using cold frames to harden off seedlings protecting their tender stems from breaking in huge winds. If I decided to put a greenhouse in that location of my garden, I would definitely use a heavier gauge material and a good foundation to stabilize it. Also, look for trees above. You don’t want branches falling on your greenhouse. Do you have frequent hail or ice storms? Think impact friendly materials like Poly-carbonate from Palram that prides itself on impact resistant greenhouse designs.
  • Set a budget. How much you are willing to spend.
  • List your garden habits and how much space you might need (current & future). What types of plants and how much of it you want to grow will determine the size of your greenhouse.
  • Materials and quality of workmanship. Quality and materials are somewhat dependent on price so yes the budget will make a huge difference here. But you also want to make sure it fits your garden location and climate.

Type of materials of Greenhouses

Glass: The purists swear by it for the look and grandiose style. The classic glass greenhouse on a well built frame is a beauty to behold. Just keep in mind hail storms and the costly materials you will also need a well built strong foundation and a heavy duty frame construction. Glass can be different grade and thickness but the advantages of 21st century materials like Polycarbonate could outweigh the high cost and fragile nature of glass.

Polycarbonate: POLYCARBONATE is a glass-like, virtually unbreakable polymer that makes it perfect for the high stress environment required by today’s jet fighter canopies. These properties also make polycarbonate the perfect material for greenhouses since it allows the light transmission benefits of glass, but with added safety of being virtually unbreakable.

Plastic: Cheap quick and light material. If you just need a temporary shelter or cold frame this can work. Just remember wind and snow loads and also replacement costs every couple of years.

Did you know? Although polycarbonate is virtually an unbreakable polymer, the quality and process of polycarbonate during manufacturing is critical to the final result and to overall performance.

Why Polycarbonate Green House is popular and why it is our favorite!

Parlam from PALRAM Applications Ltd.

  • An industry Leader for strength and durability
  • Crystal clear Polycarbonate side panels – Over 90% light transmission
  • Twin-Wall Polycarbonate roof panels – Protect from strong sunlight exposure
  • Reinforced structure kit to carry heavy snow load
  • Maintenance free – Rust resistant Aluminum frame and virtually unbreakable
  • Panels are 100% protected from harmful solar UV rays – Do not turn yellow
  • Safety first – No glass to shatter or break
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Easy assembly