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Slow living interiors

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Slow living interiors

(Last updated November 16th, 2018)

Coming in Spring 2019 HC will feature  every month a home that follows the key principles of slow living: Reclaimed Eco-friendly interior design while living within a community reclaiming time for what matters most.
We will visit and review the homes of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, photographers and stylists while creating our essays around the ideals that have forged their homes and the how their homes have in turn forged them.

In the modern world, human life experience is more and more played out in our interior spaces. 
More importantly then ever we use our home as a sanctuary escaping our busy ‘digital smog’  lifestyle. A touch of whitewashed walls, a living space designed in a minimalist style with a few handmade furniture impacts our soul’s resting space ever so more. Slow living matters, it keeps us centered, grounded in our souls yearning for a simple life.