IKEA SEKTION Legs Replacement Tips
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IKEA SEKTION Legs Replacement Tips

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IKEA SEKTION Legs Replacement Tips

As IKEA states – “IKEA SEKTION, Leg, Stands steady on uneven floors because it has adjustable feet.”

Some people might think the standard 4,5″ inch plastic legs that come with SEKTION are just not strudy or strong enough.

So what to do when you do not want to use them or want a more practical way of strengthening the base.

In this post we are going to give you a couple of practical solutions and also a few services that offer solutions to this problem!

IKEA SEKTION Legs Alternate design instructions

Sektion base cabinets with custom made legs from pine.

Create your own custom leg-base support instead of the plastic IKEA SEKTION leg stands.
If you want to add strength and save a few pennies you can make your custom legs from pine or other lumber/materials of your choice!

In this case we made it from pine cut from a 2x6x8 lumber. In this case you can create the base 4 1/2″ and then make and paint your own trim as you wish!
Give it a try.



Sektion base custom cabinets with legs made from PrettyPegs.

A Swedish-based Ikea Hack offers pegs, table legs, and chair foots that are, as its name suggests, pretty. A cool collection of affordable but high impact brass and steel-capped pegs in Ashwood and bent-metal. They also make knobs and fronts for all your Ikea-needs.


In closing there are wast choices of different styles and solutions to replacing the cheap looking and not so strong ‘plastic’ legs on SEKTION.
It all depends how far you willing to go on getting your hand dirty or paying for custom options.

Enjoy the search and tell us what u come up with!