Haibike’s Urban Plus 2018
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Haibike’s Urban Plus 2018

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Haibike’s Urban Plus 2018

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Haibike EV Rating
9 Battery - TranzX Lithium Ion, 500 Wh
9 Shifting system - Shimano Deore XT T8000, 10-speed
9 Driveunit - TranzX M 25 GTS, 500W
9 Frame - Weinmann XM 25, hollow rim, aluminium
9 Tires - Schwalbe Super Moto X, 62-584
8 Lights - Cobi LED & Busch & Müller Toplight Line E Brake

With Haibike’s Urban Plus, commuting by bike becomes more than just getting around town. The powerful and compact TranzX M25 mid-drive motor delivers 250 watts of power for exhilarating rides up to 28 mph. You’ll feel quick and comfortable thanks to the nimble handling and extra cushion provided by 27.5 x 2.4-inch tires, and carrying daily essentials is convenient thanks to the included rear rack. Front and rear fenders keep the muck off your clothing when riding in wet weather, too.

The Urban Plus comes with COBI’s smart connected biking system that controls dynamic front and rear lights, a bike computer, navigation, music control, an anti-theft alarm, a bell tone, and more, all from a simple handlebar-mounted controller. Smart features equal smart riding on the Haibike Urban Plus.

TranzX M25 GTS Drive Unit

The nearly invisible M25 GTS generates a surge of power superior to motors twice its size. Due to its small size and its unique shape, the motor integrates seamlessly into the frame. Weighing merely 8.5lbs, this scaled-down central motor operates at nearly undetectable levels while supporting the rider up to 28mph with a maximum torque of 70 Nm. In combination with the integrated downtube battery and the all new COBI connectivity system, it opens the door for a new era of stylish and smart eBikes for the city.


Cobi makes your eBike smarter.

A robust hub securely holds, protects, charges, and manages your phone while cycling. The interface of the COBI App installed on your smartphone has a sleek and intuitive design optimized for use on eBikes. Whether it’s music, navigation, weather forecasts, or just calling a friend while underway, COBI makes every trip special. Thanks to the integrated thumb controller, you can keep your hands on the handlebar—no more smartphone juggling while riding.

Smart and expandable biking app.

Less Hassle. More Control.

The award-winning interface with its sleek and intuitive design has been optimized for use on bikes. No matter if it’s music, weather, real-time data, or just calling a friend while underway, the COBI.Bike system makes every trip something special. And thanks to the integrated thumb controller, you can keep your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road. Finally, no more smartphone juggling while riding.


AmbiSense Front Light

Turn it on manually or set it to automatic to let the system turn it on for you when it’s getting dark. The bright 65 Lux front light meets the German road traffic licensing regulations, the StVZO – one of the most demanding certifications worldwide. There are three modes for varying conditions: daytime running light, low-power beam, and full beam.


AmbiSense Rear Light with turn signals

A clever light that knows what’s up. The rear light is wirelessly integrated into the COBI.Bike system and turns on with the front light. The turn signals can be triggered from the handlebars.


Electronic bell: Attention when you need it

To ensure pedestrians know that you’re approaching, the integrated electronic bell can be triggered by pressing the dedicated bell button. The built-in speaker imitates the sound and volume of a standard bike bell.

Smart alarm system: Detects suspicious movements

When activated via a tap in the COBI.Bike App, the hub detects and reacts sensitively to suspicious movements with a multilevel alarm that gets louder and starts flashing.

Hub protection:Your smartphone is the key

Once initially activated, your phone is the only device to connect to the COBI.Bike hub, making it useless to anyone else. The system wakes up and welcomes you if you approach your bike with your phone. Magic.

VIA: https://cobi.bike/product