Elby: an amazing ebike not just for commuting but for a fun jaunt in the country!
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Elby: an amazing ebike not just for commuting but for a fun jaunt in the country!

Home Cycle Elby: an amazing ebike not just for commuting but for a fun jaunt in the country!

Elby: an amazing ebike not just for commuting but for a fun jaunt in the country!

With the latest technology advancement battery technology has revolutionized not just the car industry but the bike industry also.
Bike commuting is not only the best way to get around cities but its the best way to get around the countryside as well.
If you live in the city and need to commute or live in the country and like to be active taking day-trips and want to help the environment to you are going to love today’s article! So here we go, lets look at the latest ebike with an amazing technology and design called the: ELBY

It is the Elby e-bike, which officially rolled out this July. Elby was founded by Frank Stronach and Fred Gingl, whose backgrounds are in automotive design and manufacturing. Stronach founded Magna International, a leading auto-parts manufacturer that, according to Elby, is the only company of its kind to build complete cars for brands like Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW, and Mini.

A lot of their know-how comes through when you hop on the Elby and start moving. It’s well designed, good-looking, and really fun to ride. Everything about the bike feels very high quality. Having ridden it, I found the Elby to be among the nicer e-bikes in what is now a booming market, particularly in Europe. I’ve tried a wide variety of e-bikes such as the high-performance $7,000 Stromer ST2 and sub-$1,000 models at trade shows like Eurobike, and at $4,000, the Elby, though not inexpensive, slots nicely into the middle of this range.

Great Functionality and Style

Elby accelerated and handled wonderfully thanks largely to its low center of gravity and wide, high-quality tires.

The Elby has a sealed BionX D-series 500-watt motor that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery.
To charge the battery, you have two options. You can either plug the bike into an outlet using the provided power cord or remove the battery out of the frame and take it into your home/workplace and charge it there.

Pedal Assist
The bike has to be moving to benefit from the pedal assist. This means you have to start pedaling the bike before you can hit the thumb-activated throttle and cruise along using only the motor.Once you get the bike moving, you can press and hold the throttle near the right grip to propel the bike up to 20 mph, at which point the bike will not go faster using the motor. You can, however, go faster than 20 by actually pedaling the bike beyond that speed, but that requires a lot of your own power.

And as with every e-bike I’ve ridden, this bike is not much fun when you’re out of battery. It’s doable, of course, and with eight gears it’s going to get you where you need to go. But, well, try not to run out of battery.

Awesome ride on this stylish ebike from a Canadian icon!


  • The 500 watt, 48 volt high torque BionX D-Series rear hub motor features a proprietary power connection for a smooth and reliable ride, regardless of the conditions.
  • High capacity, super high output lithium-ion battery with a fully sealed 52-cell structure can take you near the century mark on a single charge.
  • Simple, intuitive BionX handlebar control ring (RC3) includes On/Off, thumb-activated assist level button, throttle and lighting
  • The 9-speed drivetrain offers more versatility to get you up and over the most challenging terrain.

Comfort and Utility Features

  • The Elby App can be used with iOS & Android devices for additional functionality and control including navigation and phone charging.
  • Handlebar light pod includes mounting for a smart device or optional BionX information display and USB charge port
  • Super heavy duty kickstand to prevent random tip-overs
  • Sleek built-in rear rack system with an integrated fender will handle most panniers or saddlebags and loads up to 50 pounds
  • Ergonomic grips and saddle dial up the control and comfort quotient

Safety and Security Features

  • High intensity Supernova lighting system for outstanding visibility front and rear
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes deliver secure stopping power in all conditions
  • 26″ × 2.2″ Continental Cruise Contact tires for comfy, flat-free riding