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Making your own Gypsy Moth DYI traps

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Making your own Gypsy Moth DYI traps

The problems with store bought traps are that they make you beleieve its a one shot solution.

Male gypsy-moth enters the trap and stays there, you are done. Wrong!

Controling the gypsy moth problem is a three prong attack and every step you are getting closer to reducing the problem and gaining control of the destructive effect on your trees!

After seeing the massive defoliation caused by hungry gypsy moth caterpillars (larvae) eating the leaves people rush out for a oneshot cure usuusally consisting of puting somekind of sticky band around the tree. Altoohugh this works somewhat you ned to control the outbreak from the get go.

The homemade traps and tactics you can apply in this article will help you take back some control and hopefully break the cycle.

Some of the problems with store bought traps.

  1. The store bought traps usually don’t trap ALL the male moths and they don’t die right away trying to get out
  2. Store bought traps are green or colored although looks nice they don’t trap the moths effectively cause  the exit in them is clearly visible from the light.
  3. Store bought traps are Expensive and usually out of stock.

OK so we know the challenges and now we need some solutions!

Advantages of home made gypsy moth traps.

  1. Cheaper and always available. Clear juice and water bottles make excellent male moth traps.
  2. Its environmentally friendly to make your own gypsy moth traps from recycled bottles. Plus you don’t order online and waste carbon delivering it.
  3. Very satisfying to do something about controlling a gypsy moth problem first hand.

How to make your own Homemade Gypsy Moth Trap

  1. Select a clear plastic bottle. Plastic bottles with Bulging top sections larger than the sides are best.Cut about 4 holes in the shape of slots around the jar or bottle, just below where the bulge starts. The holes should be one and a quarter inches long, and three eights of an inch high. Careful using scissors making holes if you are doing this project with kids! You can also heat a small piece of metal to make the holes easily.
  2. Put a wire or twine from the cover-cap to suspend the bait. See Amazon.ca for buying pheromone Gypsy Moth Lures. Or make your own by reading this article!
  3. Secure the pheromone strip align with the entrance holes inside the trap.
  4. Make a rectangular opening into the lower part of the container for removing the moths caught.

How to use DYI gypsy moth traps?

  1. Half-fill the trap with soapy water (Don’t use bleach as it is harmful when emptying.)
  2. Put bait in the pheromone dispenser or suspend the pheromone capsule from the lid using string or wire.
  3. Close the container.
  4. Attach the trap to the tree branch of a tree.

Follow this link to see Gypsy Moth Lures available from Amazon.ca

So this is it. You are ready to catch some MALE moths because only the male gypsy moths fly. Female moths don’t fly, they flutter and climb and wait for the males to find them.