Bizarre but Beautiful Glamping in Style
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Bizarre but Beautiful Glamping in Style

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Bizarre but Beautiful Glamping in Style

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What is it?

The brain child of a French company SELVAO CONCEPTION the Goutte d’Ô is an accommodation that resembles a water droplet and has an interior area of 6m2. There is a sofa bed on the main level and a hammock loft above. The Goutte d’Ô can accommodate a couple or a family. Ideally, this accommodation is suspended or on stilts. For the piloting phase, the Goutte d’Ô is installed on a wooden platform at Point Wolfe Campground in Fundy National Park.

The company

The company SELVAO CONCEPTION was created in 2012 but finds its roots in its name, inspired of the “selva” – the Spanish for forest. Indeed, it is in the hear of the forests in South and Central America that the project was born.

Guillaume Maurin, a mechanical engineer and a tree climbing instructor, participates in several scientific missions to explore the canopy from 2006 to 2009. At this time, he would set up light, mobile camps in the treetops, 30 m up in the air.

Back in France, Guillaume Maurin creating more projects of suspended places in the trees, to share his passion for this vegetation. Given the success of those facilities and the growing market of light recreational accommodations, he and his team decide to create SELVAO CONCEPTION, a company that would specialise in the design, manufacturing and set up of suspended places inspired by nature.

Now, the company wishes to share this passion for the plant world by offering solutions for accommodations in harmony with it.

After a first few successful experiences abroad, SELVAO CONCEPTION starts selling its products out of France.

Based in France, SELVAO creates, manufactures and sets up unusual accommodations for and in all places. Among the trees, on the ground or up on stilts, our accommodations are inspired from biomimicry so that they perfectly blend in their environment while providing a unique and original design. A true discovery in a cocooning atmosphere for your guests.

SELVAO’s products, like the Pendola and the Goutte d’Ô, are easily exported, since they can be directly set up by anyone.

SELVAO CONCEPTION can work on adapting the accommodations to local regulations and specificities and thus meet the expectations of their customers, supporting their projects.

For instance, the company has worked on very diverse projects like setting up a Goutte d’Ô in the Fundy National Park in Canada and the design of a suspended walkway in a rainforest in Gabon.

Very cool!