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Any Direct Flight Country Fashion

(Credit: Article originally appeared in the Toronto Star)

I came for the tea and left with a tunic. There is an espresso bar at the front, an inspiration from owner Margot Allin’s recent trip to Budapest.

Tea is $2.50; the tunic, a tribal print in chiffon that is very Missoni but from the L.A. label Jenny Helene, is $220. WI-FI is free and the grilled cheese sandwiches ($4.50) come highly recommended.

Any Direct Flight Fashion carries everything from off-duty jeans to office attire: shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery (including a hip line of recycled silver jewellery from Barber’s Daughter) and cocktail dresses.

Part of the draw is the shop’s name, derived from Allin’s honeymoon when she and her husband were stranded in Miami for 12 hours en route to Colombia.

She finally went to the counter and demanded “any direct flight” south. The trip was blissful and the phrase resonated.

Allin’s background is art and her grandmother taught her sewing. She would scour Goodwill, cut up the clothes and reconstruct them. Soon people were asking her to make outfits for them.

Now she does sample sewing for the house line.

“I’ll do the design, pick the fabric and have two contractors — one for woven, one for knitwear.”

(Credit: Article originally appeared in Toronto Star)