2019 a year of ELECTRIC e-bikes
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2019 a year of ELECTRIC e-bikes

The new cool. Stromer ST2
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2019 a year of ELECTRIC e-bikes

As climate change is upon us and Carbon-tax is just a matter of time thought we look at alternative transportation you can use right now to get around. There is an old African proverb that says “If you want to go quickly go alone but if you want to go far go together” We have to go far quickly so we have to have a change in consciousness to change our habits of carbon consumption.
We have two choices use less drive less or use alternative energy ‘fuels’.

Sun has been always our planets choice of fueling nature on earth. Through photosynthesis plants convert sunshine to  into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the organisms’ activities which creates oxygen as a byproduct that we breath. Solar (or photo-voltaic) cells convert the sun’s energy into electricity a renewable energy source that is good for the planet and is a clean energy source.

Top electric bikes to  ride in 2019



Haibike’s Urban Plus

With Haibike’s Urban Plus, commuting by bike becomes more than just getting around town. The powerful and compact TranzX M25 mid-drive motor delivers 250 watts of power for exhilarating rides up to 28 mph. You’ll feel quick and comfortable thanks to the nimble handling and extra cushion provided by 27.5 x 2.4-inch tires, and carrying daily essentials is convenient thanks to the included rear rack. Front and rear fenders keep the muck off your clothing when riding in wet weather, too. Equipped with COBI system!


STROMER ST1T and more..


The TESLA of e-bikes, the future is now. Ushering a new era for the chic and smart urban lifestyle, the ST1T line of bikes from Stromer is the market leader in every way! The ST1T  and family of bikes combine digital connectivity with Swiss efficiency and eco-friendly mobility to deliver a truly ground-breaking e-bike experience. Choose from the Sport or Comfort models to suit your riding style.
Taking every detail into consideration when it comes to safety, serviceability, comfort, handling, performance, and style – the ST1 has the highest level of integration of any e-bike.
More Power The ST1’s new, and more compact SYNO Drive motor not only provides 500W of power, but an enormous 35Nm of torque too: that’s more than enough to put a very big smile on your face when you step on its pedals. More Range With a range of up to 150km, a new, proprietary, Li-Ion battery puts the ST1 in a league of its own.
The 48-Volt battery contains a whopping 814Wh of energy. Despite this significant increase in endurance, the ST1’s battery still tucks neatly away into the down tube. More Connectivity Stromer is making and writing history when it comes to digital connectivity. Its new user interface provides remote, wireless interaction between the bike and other touch points such as the Stromer Portal and your smartphone.
Read More: Full Specs (PDF)
Website: Stromer


Harley Lithium Electric Bike

PROS: Top Speed 32 km/hr. Double 250W motor Double 36V18AH Samsung Battery. Can climb up to 40 degrees incline. Where to buy.

CONS: A little pricey but worth it! Not as good as the stromer.

  • Front and Rear 250W Motor x2
  • 2 x Samsung Lithium Battery 24V x2
  • Top Speed 35km/hr
  • Led Lights
  • Disc Brakes


Jetson Eco-Friendly Electric Bike-Hunter Green

The Jetson E-bike brings Vespa-like visual flair to the world of electric bicycles. Jetson E-Bikes can go up to 20 miles per hour with a 40-mile range per charge. It takes about four hours to charge on a standard 110V electrical outlet and you don’t have to plug the whole bike in you simply remove the battery. The first affordable, super stylish electric bike. Safer than a Vespa and without the need for a traditional license or registration, Jetson is a no hassle transportation choice for city or country life. Jetson bikes are equipped with the latest and most efficient electric charge. Advanced lithium ion technology means zerio emissions into the environment. No gas means no leaky fluids, no oil changes and no nitrous oxide, methane, or HFCs from car air conditioners. Jetson E-Bikes have been custom built with both style and stamina, with an understanding that your lifestyle is just as much about your life. as it is your style. Where to buy

  • Bike includes lithium-ion battery so it can go up to 20 miles per hour with a 40-mile range per charge
  • 4 hours to charge on a standard 110V electrical outlet ? simply remove the battery to charge
  • Ergonomically friendly and multi-functioning dashboard and handlebars
  • The first affordable, super stylish electric bike, safer than a Vespa and without the need for a traditional license or registration

GIO H1 Volt Lithium Ion Mountain Electric Bicycle 350W Red

More than an ordinary bike, the extra power provided by electrical assistance gives you a fast and effortless ride! Integrated into the heart of your bike, the electrical pack offers different assistance modes. At maximum power, you just pedal gently to set the speed, but if you want to put more effort in you can switch off the assistance to experience the sensations of an ordinary bike ride. Featuring a 350w brushless rear hub motor combined with 36V9AH lithium ion battery strategically placed in the center of the frame to balance the weight distribution for better performance and traction.H1 Volt offers you trendy, economical and ecological avant-garde style. Where to buy

  • The H1 Volt’s 350w motor is powered by a rechargeable 36V/9AH lithium ion battery with a charge time of only 6-8 hours!
  • H1 Volt has 3 methods of use: Pedal alone (use like a regular bike); Battery on with Pedal Assist System (helps propel pedal motion for easier pedaling); Full electric throttle mode (no pedaling required)
  • Features an easy-to-use Digital LCD display indicating your speed and pedal RPM


st5_seite_webFlawless performance down to the last detail – that is the ST5. What makes it so complete? Elements like the powerful motor with the Sport mode for even more power at the push of a button. The frame geometry perfectly attuned to the 27.5-inch wheels. The high-performance tires specially developed with Pirelli with uncompromising grip. The incomparable driving dynamics and luxurious ride. And of course the optimized connectivity and the discriminating design practically without cables. Waiting for the icing on the cake? Battery ejection at a touch or seamless locking and unlocking via Bluetooth – with no need for a key or PIN. Simply a pleasure. So: Ready for the perfect drive?
St5 is very expensive and the ST1 will provide more then enough power for 10th of the money! But if you got money to burn this is the bike for you!
Website: Stromer