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10 reasons you know you are a luxuries GLAMPER and you are loving it
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10 reasons you know you are a luxuries GLAMPER and you are loving it

10 reasons you know you are a luxuries GLAMPER and you are loving it

If you’re like me and love life’s little luxuries while traveling through the country, and perhaps the kind of person who likes to read DWELL, or Airstream Magazine, there’s a good chance you are a glamper.  If you don’t know what “glamping” is read on.
Glamping is, in short, luxury camping.  A portmanteau, glamping comes from the combination 
of “glamour” and “camping.” Proving by virtue of linguistics, glampers aren’t about to leave the house without some style. Glamping has all of the benefits of traditional camping – fresh air, enjoying the outdoors and chillin’ with nature – but also has the benefits of staying in a five star hotel accommodations.

Glamping in style

So here is a quick list to check off to see if you are a GLAMPER at heart or not:

  1. You make espresso in the morning instead of traditional brew.
  2. You eat Chia seeds in your steel cut oats for breakfast.
  3. You drink a glass of wine (preferably a good vintage) with your lunch instead of pop.
  4. You prefer a fridge to keep your food stored instead of a cooler and ice.
  5. You smell fresh every morning after a nice shower instead of smoky-campfire.
  6. When you read at night you prefer to use LED recharged by solar panels instead of burning campfire.
  7. You prefer sleeping on a nice queen-size bed with pillows instead of a sleeping bag on rocks.
  8. You use a screen door to keep bugs out rather than spray nasty bug repellent.
  9. You use your cellphone as a Mobile-Hotspot as a WIFI network while keeping up with work.
  10. You love to eat on real-china instead of paper plates and plastic forks.

If you answer more than three of the above with YES then you are, like me, well on your way becoming a  Glamper.
So don’t worry, you do not have to give up your personal luxuries while exploring the wild and serene places of the world. It is still an adventure no matter  your style of camping includes.

With all the amenities available, you can go glamping wherever you like – experiencing the splendor of the great outdoors, without leaving behind the luxury of home. Read our next article where we review the top 10 GLAMPING accessories and trailers.

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