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Organic Hardneck Garlic Bulbs

Organic Hardneck Garlic Bulbs

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(We will be taking orders for 2017 season in the the spring of 2016.)

For the true garlic lover, there are never too many ways to enjoy this savory, aromatic and healthful herb. Garlic’s sweet, pungent flavor is extremely versatile and lends excitement to just about any dish. And best of all, it’s easy to grow garlic in your own garden!  This is a great garlic to purchase and plant in your own garden! We also offer a free eBook that will provide easy-to-follow directions for growing, harvesting, and preserving your own crop of fresh garlic. There are also simple recipes for making roasted, smoked, and pickled garlic as well as delicious garlicky recipes for condiments, appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, sauces, and entries. Great Choice.

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Product Description

We sell the finest gourmet seed garlic from our farm directly. All our garlic is organically-grown and is suitable for seed garlic or for eating garlic. We only sell organic garlic that tastes great and grows well.

We sort our garlic carefully then we send you your order. We choose the largest cloves as larger cloves produce larger bulbs.

We ship garlic all year but its advised you plant in late fall before hard frost.You can select preferred shipping date when ordering garlic. To avoid missing the planting-season  get your garlic early for shipping, that way your shipment will reach you in time.


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