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Ontario will empower municipalities to require EV charging stations
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Ontario will empower municipalities to require EV charging stations

Ontario will empower municipalities to require EV charging stations

Earlier this week, Ontario government announced its Five-Year Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) 2016-2020.

In this CCAP, there are various Action areas such as : transportation, building and homes, land-use planning, industry and business, collaboration with indigenous communities, research and development, government and agriculture, forest & land.




Provincial policies and laws already guide transportation, land-use planning and urban design in this regard. Establishing emissions reduction as a priority will embed low-carbon design in long-term decision-making, and help in the fight against climate change.

Actions in this section support the planning and development of low-carbon communities. They include actions to help municipalities strengthen local land-use policies to help fight climate change; to strengthen local energy planning and mapping; and to reduce traffic congestion and transportation emissions generally.

1. Strengthen climate change policies in the municipal land-use planning process

Municipalities need the tools to ensure land-use planning proposals can support greenhouse gas pollution reductions. This action focuses on helping municipalities implement local policies that contribute to provincial targets. It will:

1.1 Empower municipalities: The government intends to consult on and propose amendments to the Municipal Act and the City of Toronto Act (currently being reviewed) that, [if passed], would:

1.1.1 Require electric vehicle charging in surface lots: Municipalities would be able to require installation of electric vehicle charging stations in surface parking areas.

1.1.2 Set green development standards: Municipalities would be able to pass bylaws related to green standards in areas other than building construction. This would include, for example, sustainable transportation management.

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