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On the road to: Presqu'ile Provincial Park
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On the road to: Presqu'ile Provincial Park

On the road to: Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Highlights of Things to Do

Presqu’ile is an outstanding park for families, nature enthusiasts, photographers, beach goers, walkers or anyone that enjoys the outdoors. Flat, paved, bike and walking lanes along the lakeshore are popular all year. Twelve kilometres of “off-road” trails provide a wide range of experiences. The 2.5 km sandy beach is managed for human recreation at the north end and for wildlife, particularly migrating shorebirds, at the south end.

What you’ll like:

  • Over 300 car camping sites in a variety of settings from shoreline to forest
  • 2.5 km sandy beach
  • 16 km of trails and paths along shorelines and through woodlands and meadows
  • A migration hotspot in spring and fall, 336 bird species recorded with 130 breeding species
  • 1 km marsh boardwalk trail accessing the largest protected marsh on the north shore of Lake Ontario
  • Two Visitor Centres; Nature Centre open daily in summer and the Lighthouse Centre open daily in summer and on weekends in the spring and fall
  • Daily interpretive programs in the summer
  • Second oldest operating lighthouse in Ontario
  • World class spring bird migration – waterfowl in March, warblers and shorebirds in May.

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  • Swetcky_Vera says:

    Presqu’ile is an one of our favorite day trips for picnics great for midweek visits when it is super quiet! We also love its great flat paved roads for bikes and walking along the lakeshore.

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